I’ve been studying US patents for kitchenware trying to grasp why some items have survived unchanged since their inception and other items fall away. Which gives me a great excuse to BUY more things, breaking my personal rule about having duplicate items which perform the same function. Leading me straight to the decision of ‘which more »

During my research I stumbled upon a question someone posted online which sort of blew my mind:  “I’ve always been a running water dish-washer….I learned that some dish soaps are formulated for the sink full of sudsy water method.  How does this work, sink full of sudsy water? “Which led me down another rabbit hole, could there more »

I had a grand day out last week and came home with some goodies, among which was this basket with damaged corners. It doesn’t seem to be especially old, but I liked the way it was assembled, the handle had brass fittings and aside from the corner damage was pretty solid. If the basket had more »

I watch a lot of youtube videos on cleaning and restoring things. It seems folks on the other side of the planet who use many copper, brass and silver items in their kitchen have absolutely mastered the chore of removing tarnish from these items: they boil them. There are many many ways to clean tarnish, more »