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I have been collecting and reading cookbooks since I was a child. Reading cookbooks took me to far away places, cooking the recipes gave me a taste of that adventure. For me reading old cookbooks and recipes is a lot like time travel.

As a professional antiquarian bookseller I have had exposure to thousands of cookbooks over the last 35 years, but sadly I only have myself to cook for these days. Foolish Kitchen website and Youtube Channel are giving me a great opportunity to share what I have learned in my lifetime.

Vintage Kitchenware
I believe vintage cooking tools should be used and enjoyed not just collected. Who wants all that clutter gathering dust around the house, taking up space and giving no joy in return. Whether it’s your granny‚Äôs cooking vessel, a funky tool or a elegant serving piece, you should break it out and take it for a spin.

Many collectors like pieces that show little wear, without dings or dents. Signs of wear and usage show that an item was probably pretty good at what it was designed for. An unused unloved item is just as sad to see as an ill-used one. Buy the dinged up piece (at a reasonable price of course) and give it a face lift, cook something with it and give it a new life.

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