Foolish Kitchen Pied de Terre in Maine

I finally had to admit, I didn’t need multiples of so much kitchenware. Once I have restored something I needed to find it a home. In June 2020, Den of Antiquities had a grand opening at their new location in Windham Maine and Foolish Kitchen was there with a brand new booth.

My good friends over at Curious City, kindly painted me up some signage, so folks will know where the good stuff is.

I always have said starting a booth in a group shop is like adopting a baby, you gotta feed it and clean it, and fuss over it. So of course I am up there a few times a week adding more items, and figuring out the best ways to display them.

The cookbooks seem to be taking over, and spilling out in the rest of the booth. I may have to start integrating them with the bakeware. The Maine and other local interest cookbooks and titles can always be found on the top shelf.

This week the grid wall was finally installed and hanging up everything that can possibly dangle from a hook, has given me a lot of joy. Just seeing all the variations of flour sifters and devices together somehow brings a smile to my face.

Den of Antiquities is 201 Roosevelt Trail (Route 302) in Windham, Maine, Jim and Sonja are always filling their page with images of new arrivals.

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