Toaster Troubles

‘MY’ toaster needs a bit of repair again, the insulator card that the heating elements are wound around is chipping, so when the hot elements touch anything else, I get zapped….it’s like playing Operation to win breakfast. So until I find a cheap toaster I can cannibalize for the replacement part, I picked up a temporary replacement from someone local on FB marketplace. I say temporary replacement, because as I discovered this is one of the stupidest, most badly designed Hamilton Beach toasters I have ever seen. I find MOST kitchen appliances to be badly designed in some manner, and my observations over the last few years is that they get WORSE with every iteration. So if you find an appliance you like, don’t let it out of your hands, and try to replace it with the same model if you can.

As you can see this recently designed HB Toaster is IMPOSSIBLE to clean. Ignoring the massive trough around the top edge, with a proper toaster, the crumb tray should cover about 75% of the bottom. with this one it is a small strip in the CENTER covering about 25%, which is asinine, as it is not even UNDER both of the slots!. Each slot has a small shelf on each side which catches crumbs and only a few crumbs pass down to the actual crumb tray . . . I have a feeling I know why this toaster was for sale; $12 used versus $29 new.

I opened it up and cleaned what I could from the underside…. yes that is a q-tip taped to a bamboo skewer, there was no way to access the inside without further disassembling this beast, and from what I know of modern cheap appliances, is that they are not designed to go BACK TOGETHER afterwards. After 20 minutes of fiddling – not pictured is the can of compressed air pressed into service to move things along – it is clean enough that I don’t think i will be starting any fires.

Now if i NEVER toast anything in it, it will stay clean…yeah, like I said this is a temporary solution. I did make note that on the day this Piece of crap truly pushes all my buttons and i break it down for parts, it does have the insulator card I need to repair the toaster that is easier to clean and only tries to zap me once in a while.