When was Raggedy Ann born?

Raggedy Ann was a doll before she was a book character, the book and doll weren’t marketed together for the first several years. Raggedy Ann, the red-haired rag doll with the triangle nose was created by Johnny Gruelle who patented the doll on September 7, 1915.

The Raggedy Ann Stories was not published until 1918. When a doll was marketed along with book, it became a great success.

A sequel, Raggedy Andy Stories (1920), introduced the character of her brother, Raggedy Andy. Other characters such as Beloved Belindy, a black mammy doll, were featured as dolls and characters in books.

My other doll research yielded interesting research about the marketing of dolls. Girls LOVED their soft dolls much more than the more delicate store-bought sisters because they could PLAY with them, whereas the parents were confused, as they valued the more expensive dolls. Children also doted on their black ‘Dinah’ dolls a bit more than their white ones. Which also confused their parents.

For further reading: Made to Play House: Dolls and the Commercialization of American Girlhood, 1830–1930. Miriam Formanek-Brunell