I picked up these pans last week for $1 dollar each.  I had just made fudge and these had all the scoring of making many batches of fudge.  I have been wanting to break them in but chose not to do it with more Fudge.  These 8″x8″x1″ pans were probably french tart pans.  I am more »

I finally got my hands on this 1899 S Sternau Chafing Dish I have had my eye on.  Not only does it have MOST of the pieces, the stand the cover and the waterbath along with the blazer, but I got it for a literal steal.  The Ebay seller must have had it hanging around more »

Motorcars and picnic sets go together like tea and toast!  Why let the Edwardians have all the fun.  No more fast food meals.  Eat hot food like a person.  Boil some water, make some toast, have a sandwich.  In this video I cover all the basics for putting together a travel picnic kit you can more »

My friend Don Lindgren from Rabelais – Fine Books on Food & Drink made an offhanded comment in conversation about why chaffing dishes and their attendent cookbooks were so popular from about 1880s – 1920s or so.  Basically the US population had begun migrating from central family structures into the cities where the college dorms, rooming more »

With all this new kitchen toys I am bringing in, I need a bit more storage. I had this idea for a pot rack above the kitchen sink. My window doesn’t face outside so there’s no light to block…and I am rather short. 1 1/4″ PVC pumbling pipe, closet rod hangers, and some bent shower more »

I was over measuring the chicken coop for a new roost, and brought them some rhubarb leaves to snack on. The eggs these ladies provide make the best baked goods. and I thought they should get some screen time.

I had to show someone exactly what I was talking about. This is how you pull eggs out of a hot pan of water, especially an Instant Pot. You just chase them with a whisk.

Scone sampler packages getting ready to ship. These were made yesterday and are left to set until they ae packaged, to avoid getting soggy on the trip. Taste testers have vouched that even after a Priority trip they are delicious. They can be warmed in a low oven or even frozen for a later treat. more »