Trigger Warning: bivalves will be killed and eaten for your viewing pleasure…and my lunch.

I always buy mussels when I see them, and in Maine we are spoiled for choice. Harbor Fish had lovely Bang Island Mussels, so I had another outdoor feast… all shellfish tastes better outside. Bang Island Mussels are sustainably farmed and hand-raised locally in the clean waters of Casco Bay where the are grown on ropes.

In the pot went in a bag of purple beauties, some lemon grass, garlic, white wine, and some trimmed stalks from various herbs in the garden: parsley. dill, cilantro, summer savory…anything I thought needed a trim. They don’t take longer than a few minutes to cook, they are ready when they shells open up all the way.

While I was waiting I opened up a few Littlenecks and had them with lemon and Tabasco…and i didn’t cut myself. I am usually pretty good opening them over the sink, but filming it made me nervous.

I finally found the cover the the black spatterware cook pan, the taller ones are great for lobsters, but I find the shallow pans better for shellfish. I am also partial to enamelware for eating utensils where I know there’s a good chance of me dropping and breaking something.

Althea makes an appearance at the table…she doesn’t like mussels, she prefers baked goods.

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