Restoring Tinware Turks Head Muffin Pan

I am fascinated with this unusual tinned steel pan, I have never seen one this old with straps and rivets instead of lead solder. So the chance to restore it for use was exciting. My best guess is that it was 1880s, as I did find an advert with a strapped frame and rivets instead of a castingor even solder.

It only took a couple of days in a derusting soak, used molasses and water, but I could have used evaporust with the same result.

Then a good baking soda scrub and it was good to go. Without the tin coating on the inside, a steel pan just gets seasoned like an cast iron pan, seasoned for every use it is just like any other pan.

Using shortening and flour to coat it, I made a quick light gingerbread with it, and it released just fine.  Instead of washing it, I will just wipe it out every time I use it and a nonstick coating will build up over time.