Smaller is better when it comes to pickled eggs

I was given a flat of small eggs by a local heggler. I was hitting him up for some feathers for another project and we got to talking. When I can get my hands on SMALL eggs, the sort non one buys… I make pickled eggs. Two reasons they are perfect for this….1. they are one bite, you don’t end up trying to chew a two bite egg with one mouth…and 2. you can get many more of them into the jar.

I used to make pickled eggs for one of my exes, and just sort of do it by taste, so I didn’t really have a recipe. So I went down the recipe rabbit hole.

What I found was that pickled eggs are pickled eggs. Boil eggs, cover with vinegar and add spices, and the spices are the same ones 80% of the time. In the 20th century there are a million egg recipes in the naked city, but I’m a traditionalist. So I figured I would stay in canon.

For the first batch, I used a mixture of white vinegar and cider vinegar, whole cloves, allspice, peppercorns, a garlic clove, a dimes worth of ginger, and 1/2 tsp salt and a 1/2 tsp sugar. I happened not to have unground mace or mustard seed in the house at this time.

No sooner had a I dropped off a jar of these for the generous heggler, the boys at the hardware store were clamoring for me to make some more. Sadly large eggs only fit 4 or 5 to a pint, so, I got a little crazy with this batch, especially since they offered to pay me. Each jar has a pickled onion, a pickled garlic clove and cornichon as a kicker. These will get dropped off tomorrow.