Another garden stretching tip I figured I would share.

Whenever I buy something in the produce section that has its root system, I tuck it into the garden instead of the fridge, in the in Summer anyway. It should take root and last all season, allowing me to help myself whenever I want.

In my experience putting such plants in the dark cold fridge will generally get by for a week, then they get all peculiar and wilty. Putting them in a vase with water will work for a little while, but usually the bottom leaves and stems start to get slimy after a few days. But parked in soil, even a pot on the windowsill, should extend its freshness.

Plants with roots I have found in the produce section this week: Dill, Basil, Watercress, and Scallions (Green onions) though technically any root vegetable can be planted. If you plant bulb onions, they will sprout greens and the bulb will shrink but they should overwinter. I will take another trip to the market, I bet I will find a lot more!

BTW the Watercress and basil are from Olivia’s Garden in New Gloucester Maine.. I LOVE their watercress!

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