Motorcars and picnic sets go together like tea and toast! 

Why let the Edwardians have all the fun.  No more fast food meals.  Eat hot food like a person.  Boil some water, make some toast, have a sandwich. 

In this video I cover all the basics for putting together a travel picnic kit you can keep in your vehicle.  I discuss all the upgrades I made to sculpt my ideal picnic hamper. 

For this project I recommend the CAMPER Swiss Army Knife Model .  This one has the corkscrew, the bottle opener and a can tapper. The saw can be used for cutting baguettes, at least I have used it for that.   Mine wasn’t vintage when I bought it 35 years ago, but it is now.  They are about $25 but go on sale periodically.  Worth every penny. 

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    • that would be awesome! my picnic porn are the edwardian hampers
      but i have found enamelware is easier to wipe down and put away using just antiseptic wipes and very little water.

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