I finally got my hands on this 1899 S Sternau Chafing Dish I have had my eye on.  Not only does it have MOST of the pieces, the stand the cover and the waterbath along with the blazer, but I got it for a literal steal.  The Ebay seller must have had it hanging around a while.  

For the test drive I pulled a simple scrambled egg recipe from Farmer’s 1905 Chafing Dish Possibilities.  If you stick with the video you will see me light fire to the toast with the makeshift burner. I DO have a genuine Sternau alcohol burner from 1893 coming. 

Aside from a few dents, this Chafing Dish is in remarkable shape. I am actually disappointed it was polished.  It will take a while to put a patina back on. 

They aren’t the best looking scrambled eggs I have ever made. I like mine to be have larger smoother curds, but they were very tasty. 

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