Tin Pans – Tarty or Fudgey?

I picked up these pans last week for $1 dollar each.  I had just made fudge and these had all the scoring of making many batches of fudge.  I have been wanting to break them in but chose not to do it with more Fudge.  These 8″x8″x1″ pans were probably french tart pans.  I am not exactly certain yet.  But either way they are the perfect device.

I usually do baking on the weekend for the week to come. This is self defense, I am working someplace where boxes of donuts just appear. Savory tarts are good cold. If you cut the tomato tart when hot, it makes a mess. But once it is room temp, it congeals and becomes a unit, instead of all its slippery parts. It can be warmed up in an oven. If you mic puff pastry it gets soggy. I wrapped them in wax paper so i don’t forget to bring my lunch tomorrow. I used Coleman’s mustard which clears the sinuses. Most tomato tart recipes recommend Dijon mustard and Emmental or Swiss cheese. but I had Cheddar to use up.

Rolled out thinner, this is about half a package of puff pastry. smeared with some Sharp Coleman’s mustard and then a layer of shredded Cheddar Cheese.
One big fat ripe local tomato cut thin. sprinkled with some salt and cracked pepper. 
For good measure a handful of Parmesan Cheese on top.  The browning of the cheese tells me when the tart is done.  I also rolled the edges inward to make them less brittle. 
Let cool to nearly room temp before cutting. It does look like a glorified pizza but so much better. 
Wrapped in wax paper, it makes a nice portable breakfast or brunch.  On second though I should have made a second one.