Brush Aluminum Handles don’t play well with dishwashers

But then what does?

Not sure when they though brushed aluminum was a good material for kitchenware handles but it was probably when most of America didn’t have dishwashers. Repeated dishwashing turns the handles dark grey, as the reactive aluminum responds to the minerals in the water. And at some point the shiny gifts of steak knives or in this case serving utensils find their way to a thrift store.

I’m pretty terrible about taking before pictures, as I usually start cleaning something the moment it lands in my sink. The pie server and the brownie spatula were both similarly filthy, even after washing. The surface of the aluminum has grown itself a protective skin, which is actually normal, unless you mix it with a harder material like Magnesium as with Magnalite cookwear.

In the end I used a 320 grit waterproof sandpaper and a smidgen of aluminum polish, to reclaim the shiny finish. and a 1200 grit just to finish it off.

Time to make some brownies.