Accessories for easy access

At some point, most girls and women want a jangling chatelaine hooked to their waist, but they are almost always a leather belt with chain affait. This 1862 Lady’s Necessaire (think Ribbon Chatelaine) from Peterson’s is an easy ribbon and embroidery project which doesn’t require a belt, merely a large hook. Often recommended as a gift item or a donation project for church fairs.

1862 Peterson’s Magazine

The 1875 Embroidered Tablet Notebook from Harper’s can dangle from the wrist, or waist, or tucked into a reticule. Without the actual pattern, I can only speculate that the center pivot point can be removed to change out the pages, perhaps a button or cufflink? Later versions made of celluloid or some made of ivory, would have hard erasable pages. To make an appropriate pencil, use a .5mm pencil lead and wrap with washi tape or other decorative paper.

1875 Harper’s Bazar