Cast Iron Bottle Corker/Capper Caper

A friend of mine pulled this out of his local dump, and I immediately got jealous. Most of the Lebherz designed bottle capers I have seen are completely rusted steel or partial steel design which uses springs as part of the mechanism. This particular design is much more elegantly designed and would clean up really well.

After disassembly, the handle and toothed gears went into the Evaporust bath. Which easily removed the light surface rust, after which I just wiped it down with mineral oil and beeswax. This model doesn’t have the superfluous springs I would have had to replace, but was connected with small cotter pins which I did replace,

The cast iron was textures, hand sanding the rust layer, was completely successful, For this project I used Rustoleum’s 2X Ultra Touch Paprika Satin for the finish. It only took a couple of coats, and sanding wasn’t necessary. But for the bottom, I put a layer of silver appliance epoxy to keep it a little more waterproof.

Replacing the rubber padding where the bottle rests was a little trickier, I brought the old piece to the shoe repair shop who sold me a piece of thin rubber sole material I could cut into shape

I loved the look of this device and how smoothly it works. I have no personal need for a wine corker, but now I want one.