patchwork rugs

In my research on recycling and reuse in the home, I collected a lot of scraps about using scrap fabric to make rugs. Like everyone I had assumed there were only braided rugs and hooked rugs, but that wasn’t the case. Floor mats, rugs and carpets using scrap fabrics, were made in a variety of ways, including knitted, woven and patchwork sewn.

These clippings are variations on sewn pieced rugs. Whether the patchwork pieces be larger or smaller, the finished rugs, were attached to backing material of canvas or most often burlap bags; also the backing material for homemade hooked rugs.

I have included this most unusual one where the fabric swatches were strung like beads and then wound and sewn like a braided rug It mentions trimming the surfaces to an even thickness which I think goes to waste. I also think such a rug will continue to shed unraveling bits of fiber for its entire life, showing another benefit of a tightly braided rug.

My impression is that as households had less and less time to spend constructing projects like this, they were looking for ways to cut corners; sending your scraps out to be braided or hooked for you was very popular.