I do realize I am always saying, wipe all the vintage steel items down with mineral oil after you clean it and before you put it away. But caring for old metal ware makes it as important as dish soap. Put the mineral oil in a small spray bottle, any bottle. As soon as the more »

I hadn’t meant to buy another Foley Food Mill, but it seems I am seeing them everywhere.    Though they have been around since 1933 and are still made and sold by Mirro, not many people need or use them anymore, I think their biggest detraction is storage.  It is just such an odd shape. more »

Trigger Warning: bivalves will be killed and eaten for your viewing pleasure…and my lunch. I always buy mussels when I see them, and in Maine we are spoiled for choice. Harbor Fish had lovely Bang Island Mussels, so I had another outdoor feast… all shellfish tastes better outside. Bang Island Mussels are sustainably farmed and more »

I started doing one thing and it led me down a rabbit hole. I don’t collect just for collecting, they have to be something I’m going to reuse whether to make flavored vinegars or oils. This is just a clean up on aisle 9 with this one little bottle. I used some millet and alcohol, more »

Though this Pommery Moutarde de Meaux pot isn’t vintage, the recipe does go back to the 18th century.  It is one of the few ceramic pots or crocks of this shape that turn up in the US.  People here are content to buy their dijon mustard in a plastic bottle. Someone had been using this more »

I had to show someone exactly what I was talking about. This is how you pull eggs out of a hot pan of water, especially an Instant Pot. You just chase them with a whisk.

The garden isn’t at its height quite yet, but it’s looking good this year. It was quiet this morning I figured I record a little tour so you can see where most of the greens come from. If you have any questions please put it in the comments and I will answer you. Perennial Herbs more »

For years I have been staring at my vintage wooden drying racks trying to figure the best least invasive method to repair loose dowels. When the wood ages the pins shrink in the sockets and won’t stay put. However because it’s a hinge, they can’t be repaired with glues or nails etc… I have previously more »