pillow talk

Contradicting what I wrote yesterday the 1852 Patchwork pillow doesn’t seem to made of washable materials, but it predates ‘crazy work’ by 30 years, so they are taking the lovely ribbon and velvets and handling them as if it were a quilt, not a ‘scrap’ project unless you have a deep box of wonderfully expensive scraps.

Using felt instead of dedicating large pieces of wool to it, the 1863 octagonal elbow cushion would be a nice design for a pin cushion. Wool applique seems to be having a resurgence in present day, and I found a nice assortment of wool felts on Etsy.

The only one from this batch I will be making is this 1885 Linen travel pillow/with pocket. I would not really advise it to be done in crazy work unless you want to wake up with decorative embossing on your face. Turning it into a round empty sham, would give you a place to store a sweater or scarf when out and about.