I was trying to think of the MAINE flavored scones possible. Once you start with blueberries, the scone are pretty much going to be great. I added Maple syrup for the sweetener…and then gave it a bump of Allen’s Coffee Brandy which just pushed it over the top. Think of it like vanilla, it adds more »

These scones came as a Facebook riff were a friend was suggesting flavor combinations, and we ran out of flavors and ventured into ‘moods’. What would a SNARK FLAVORED Scone taste like? Well my brain ran right to Anise and I remember seeing an Anise and Coriander flavored quick bread that sounded yummy…and I was more »

Goth Scones

Another custom flavor challenge for the Foolish Kitchen. Ever just want to be a little Goth somedays? These black scones are flavored with Poppy Seeds and Clove like tradiational Hungarian Hamantaschen Cookies. My first and second experiment using squid ink for coloring, as with pasta it virtually imparts no flavor of its own. Squid ink more »

I have a thing for pecans…loathe walnuts, love pecans. Any time I have a chance to work pecans into a recipe I take it. Same thing with booze, if I can squeeze more liqour into something why wouldn’t I? Along the lines of a Bourbon Pecan Pie, cept I didn’t have any bourbon to add, more »

This was an emergency scone… I had leftover strawberries that were going over to the dark side and needed eating up. What I had done was chop them up and buried them under a layer of brown sugar, so by the time I got around to them, they had released a lot of the water more »

So far Candied Ginger is my favorite go to add in, I love taking a bite and finding that spicey sweet gooness. And if some is good, more is way way better. If you do it right, you can work in about every form of Ginger. Candied Ginger is the secret ingredient, if you add more »

This was a must requested recipe. I am kinda indifferent, I love rhubarb and don’t think it needs to be companioned with Rhubarb.. try something else Rhubarb loves everything. Strawberry Rhubarb 1 1/4 cup flour 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 1/3 cup sugar 4 tbls butter 1/3 cup strawberries diced, thawed and more »

When you got fresh strawberries and fresh bananas each competing to go bad on your first. When cutting the stawberries, always cut out the center white pith, it just won’t bring anything to the party. I like to bump up the favors with a good tablespoon of preserves..usually Trappist who have a really good consistency more »

I have a lot of mint in the garden, I really have to work it into more recipes. If you have mint extract, you don’t need frehsh mint, you can also sneak creme de menthes into it. I would have it I had it. But I DID want it to be green, that wonderful fake more »

Hands down my favorite custom scone recipe. Even at 2 tablespoons at a time, I have been going through more Allen’s Coffee Brandy than ever before. Everytime I post images on Facebook, my friends practically demand them. This recipe defines, if some is good more is better. Coffee Brandy Scones INGREDIENTS 1 1/4 cup flour more »