I had to show someone exactly what I was talking about. This is how you pull eggs out of a hot pan of water, especially an Instant Pot. You just chase them with a whisk.

The garden isn’t at its height quite yet, but it’s looking good this year. It was quiet this morning I figured I record a little tour so you can see where most of the greens come from. If you have any questions please put it in the comments and I will answer you. Perennial Herbs more »

For years I have been staring at my vintage wooden drying racks trying to figure the best least invasive method to repair loose dowels. When the wood ages the pins shrink in the sockets and won’t stay put. However because it’s a hinge, they can’t be repaired with glues or nails etc… I have previously more »

Another garden stretching tip I figured I would share. Whenever I buy something in the produce section that has its root system, I tuck it into the garden instead of the fridge, in the in Summer anyway. It should take root and last all season, allowing me to help myself whenever I want. In my more »

So I picked up this charming wire basket for a dollar. I don’t think it was old, but old enough. I really like it’s feet. So I figured I would give it a once over lightly, and get all the tarnish out of the nooks and crannies of the twisted wire. But since I don’t more »

This pie project came about by accident as all good ideas do. When I picked rhubarb yesterday, I just realized I no longer had any metal pie plates. I had divested of so much stuff when I moved it’s hard to keep track sometimes. I bought this 5¢ deposit Table Talk tinned steel pie plate more »

I got it in my head to make a Rhubarb Pie yesterday, but I was lacking a pan. I had divested so much when I move, I have lost track of what I still have. I bought this steel pan Table Talk Pie pan from a local seller. It was lacking any of the tinned more »

These scones came as a Facebook riff were a friend was suggesting flavor combinations, and we ran out of flavors and ventured into ‘moods’. What would a SNARK FLAVORED Scone taste like? Well my brain ran right to Anise and I remember seeing an Anise and Coriander flavored quick bread that sounded yummy…and I was more »