A Grid Wall Full of Shiny Objects

I needed a better way to hang things so they could be visible. So I went with white wire gridwall. Nothing bothers me more than a bunch of utensils in a pile or a box on a shelf. You have to poke around trying to find things and there’s never anyplace to put the things you have already looked at. As expected, some months are good and some months are not so good when you are trying to sell things during a pandemic. But so far the thing that has surprised me the most, is how well this gridwall is doing.

The first few sections I ordered from Amazon, three 2×4 sections for about $34. But I took a trip to a Store Fixture store in York and picked up some 2×6 pieces and a lot of waterfalls and pegs. What I couldn’t make fit in the booth, I set up in my own kitchen and I adore it. I especially like that the waterfalls are up over my head like tiny pot racks.

This week I got in a couple of dozen 6 inch pegs, allowing me to put all of the like items on the same peg. All of the Foley Juicers, Edlund Jar Wrenches, Swingaway can openers, Ekco pot forks, potato mashers, etc, All live together just as if they were new. I use little wirewall hooks for solo items that don’t have multiples. It looks a little cluttered, but I have had a lot of customers tell me they love the fact that they can SEE everything without difficulty.

I just wish I had the time to keep shopping to refill things as they get sold off. Right now I could use more Hamilton Beach dishers and Presto Eggs Slicers.

Not all the handles are red, it just looks like that, there are a few green ones in there. I found that if I am going to take the time to sand and repaint wooden handles, I’m not going to waste time picking colors, everything gets Apple Red, which seems to go over well. Many vintage wooden handles were red, and customers are more likely to buy red handled items. The backside of this is that I have become prone to buying things with red handles or are entirely red, JUST to have them on the wall. It does create an overall visual that pleases me. I’ve had dealers tell me how much they like my booth, but I think it’s the gridwall that does it.