better butter paddles

Another instance of me never taking BEFORE pictures…I probably didn’t think I could recover these butter paddles for use so I just started scrubbing them. And was pleased to find they are a nice looking hardwood, and the perceived damage was just layers of dirt. Just shows that you never can judge things until they are really clean.

I just tossed them in the sink and started scrubbing with a small scrub brush and baking soda and lysol, then when the surface layer of crud was gone, I make a separate scrubbing session with some powdered oxygenated laundry cleaner (oxyclean) the peroxide is a good bleach for wood. I especially got the edges with some steel wool.

When the grain of the wood started to appear I got excited, I should be able to sanitize these enough to actually use them to pat some butter. I am going to let them dry and then give them another scrub with a little dilution of chlorinated bleach, then I will leave them out in the sun for a while. It sounds like overkill for wooden utensils UNLESS they are ones you intend to use with dairy or food. Once you start using them and cleaning them regularly, you don’t have to go to such extremes.