1924 LF&C Electric Tea Kettle

I didn’t know I wanted a 94 year old electric tea kettle until I stumbled upon this one on ebay. Actually the seller had labeled it 1918 which was what turned up on my search.  But it is just a charming shape, I couldn’t resist.  So I immediately put it on my shopping list, bought it and then crossed it off my list.   

Turns out it does work as well as it did 90 years ago..with precautions.  The cord had been replaced sometime previously with appropriately safe heating appliance cord, and after I scrubbed out the insides, as long as it is never submerged we should be good to go.  Not having an on off switch still weirds me out, so I always plug it into the power strip which does have an on/off switch.  I am still amazed at it’s condition.  I think I paid about the same as I did for my Electric Tea Kettle made in this decade.