A clean pea huller/bean slicer is a happy device

I fell in love with this yellow fellow in the next booth and I had to bring it home with me. It’s the same design as the 1936 patent, except it has a suction cup bottom instead of the clamp. From first glance I couldn’t even tell what the rollers were made from. But luckily it is my favorite sort of device, the kind that breaks down completely for cleaning. I guess the last person who used it, put it away dirty and then it was forgotten about.

With a bit of a steel wool scrub, it cleaned up a treat. Turns out the red roller is a hard rubber which has great friction to grab the vegetable and pull it under the steel roller The blades and the slicer roller only need a little toothbrush action after each use. I did test drive it on some greenbeans, but I didn’t have any beans in shell to test. Sadly I acquired this well after I harvested my on crop of peas, I guess next year I will have to grow some shell beans and some string beans.

I have come to a bit of a conclusion, the string bean varieties that used to be more commonly grown, had a lot tougher skins, and strings and slicing them lengthwise ‘Frenching’ them, was a lot more necessary to make them palatable. But I do like French style greenbeans when I remember to get them, this will be a lot of fun next year.