A Dish Mop from a stick and some string

The other use for a ball of string is to make yourself a dish mop (Dish Swab 1875). Sure you can BUY a dish mop anywhere, a plastic handle and a twist of wire. But until recently I’ve never seen one with a replaceable HEAD, which makes the entire device disposable and of questionable sanitation , unless you have a dishwasher to run it through. I mean ewwww….

I picked up a couple of 9″ crib spindles from Rockler Hardware for about $3 and a ball of string from the hardware store another $3-4, now I can keep myself in dish mops for probably a decade.

I did have to do a little surgery on the spindles, but I used 1880s tools to do the job. I trimmed the end off one and I am going to experiment with the other by making two pompoms and running the string through the hole and see if it works better.