Dishing the Hamilton Beach Dishers

My mother asked me for a ice cream disher but the new ones aren’t a patch on the vintage ones. So I picked up a couple of the old style Hamilton Beach soda fountain dishers. One of them needed a little paint and polish to bring it back into the ice cream ball game.

Sadly the Hamilton Beach No. 60 disher wasn’t as beat up as it could have been, so a little  Chromax was all it needed to put a nice shine on it’s backside. And  Rustoleum blue and  gloss gave it a delightful waterproof enamel finish on the wooden handle.

I didn’t detail the handle painting process this time, as it is exactly like that time I painted the other utensil handles red.   this time I did use blue though, so I can find it real quick.

Ice cream dishers are also ideal for deseeding fruit and veg, so catch the end of the video for that demonstration.