This little straw basket is ideal to hold and serve breadstuffs. Researching baskets I found that some folks who make baskets treat them with beeswax.  And I thought that would be a terrific treatment to keep any butter, or frosting from being absorbed into the straw.  

I had bought a pound of beeswax for one project and I keep reaching for it to use on others.  I melted about 3 ounces of wax and brushed it on with a chip brush.  It cooled almost immediately leaving a thicker layer than I wanted.  I heated the oven to about 350.  I put the painted basket on a layer of aluminum foil, with a couple of chopsticks underneath.  I put it in the oven and immediately turned the oven down to about 200 and watched it like a hawk.   After about 5 minutes all the excess beeswax had melted into the straw and I pulled the basket it out.   I took a nailbrush and quickly brushed all the melted wax into the grooves and crevices and teased it out of the gaps.    In the end it looked and felt terrific, soft and pliable yet water and food proof.  I will definitely do this again. 

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