I started doing one thing and it led me down a rabbit hole. I don’t collect just for collecting, they have to be something I’m going to reuse whether to make flavored vinegars or oils.

This is just a clean up on aisle 9 with this one little bottle.

I used some millet and alcohol, although anything that won’t get soft and swell when wet will work coarse salt, rice or barley.

With this vanilla bottle, all it needed was a little agitation. If a larger bottle needs a LOT more agitation,you can wrapped it in a towel and rest it on top of the washing machine propped up in a bucket, it will provide gentle constant aggitation.

I also brought out the bottle brushes and show you how to adapt the wirey ends to suit your bottle cleaning needs. Many vintage bottles need some hardwater cleaner like CLR to break the bonds holding the limescale to the inside, but starting with baking soda and dish soap is a good idea.

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