I found this cute little shark bottle opener and just had to have it. As you can see the shark jaws are a metal channel screwed into the shaped wooden fish. I can almost think this was homemade, it is just delighful in all the right ways.

I had to give it a good scrub since it came from a thrift store, and I was wary about the eyes, but they appear to be nails. I probably should have stripped off any varnish. It was just dull and dirty, so why ruin the finish? It got scrubbed with just Dawn and a vegetable brush then dried on top of the oven.

When it was dry I threw the 1st layer of mineral oil on it. In the video I am giving a coat of furniture polish made of 50/50 beeswax and mineral spirits. when it is dry you just come back and buff the sticky parts.

To make the furniture polish
Melt about 2 to 4 ounces of beeswax in a small ball jar.
Then add the same amount of mineral oil.
Stir to blend thoroughly, reheat in the microwave if you have to.
Let cool, it should firm up but not completely.
You can adjust the porportions to suit your needs.

Apply liberally to the wood and let dry.
The come back and wipe off any excess and give it a good buff.
Once it is dry again you can reapply.
You will be building up a hard dry protective coating
which will hold up from water and other oils.

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