Jacob Bromwell Flour Sifter Teardown

The Jacob Bromwell Flour sifter – iconic, insanely perfectly designed device. So perfect in fact, it has 100 imitators. Invented in 1926 by Thomas G Melish for the Bromwell Wire Goods Company, it is still being made in Indiana today by the Jacob Bromwell company.

Although a flour sifter is no longer a required item for everyday cooking, we don’t have to sift out things bugs or wheat chaff. But THIS device is well worth having even if you don’t use it that often.

I actually remember buying mine in a hardware store about 10 years ago. But found two additional ones recently, so I figured it was time to make a video, of how they come apart for cleaning. My opinion is that it should never be washed. Wipe it down with a damp dish cloth if you have to. They can commonly be found from all decades, the more vintage they are the less tin it will have protecting it from atmospheric moisture.