Repairing a Silicone Spatula

Plastic spatulas are usually a disposable item, surviving in a kitchen until they are melted or unpleasantly stained by tomato sauce.  Tomato sauce staining can be fought with various weapons: vinegar OR baking soda and even a good soak with a dash of beach.   But  it is usually a death knell when the handle and the blade start to part company.

But before this otherwise perfectly good spatula heads to the plastic recycling bin, I want to see if I can salvage it.  Since there is no evidence of an adhesive, they are probably assembled with a very tight tolerance. The soft blade just squeezed onto the handle stem. 

Since there is a dandy little void in the handle, I decided to try my Gorilla Glue trick.   I added a tiny bit of urethane based Gorilla Glue (about the size of a pea)  into the hole in the blade and shoved in the handle stem.  When it had dried a rice sized bit of overspray had escaped.  I simply trimmed it off with a blade.  Voila good as new.