Rewiring Presto Wire Devices

I can’t remember when I didn’t have a wire egg slicer…or even a wire potato slicer…over the years I also accumulated a wire butter slicer and even the wire cheese slicer. I’m always slicing eggs for things, and running an egg through the potato slicer gives you a head start on potato salad. I don’t use the cheese slicer as much as I used to but I still find the butter slicer handy when I am taking butter out of the fridge and want to start baking with it.

All of the Presto wire cutting devices (and their Taiwanese Clones) include set screws for tightening the wire if it should become loose. So far only my cheese cutter is slightly loose. But the Taiwanese clone was very loose so I took it to the music store and replaced the wire with a 12 gauge High Carbon Steel Guitar String. Which is of an adequate length to replace any of the wires on the devices.

It may seem to be fiddly work to bother with, but these Cast Aluminum Devices should last one for virtually forever with a little care and attention. Needless to say I don’t put them in the dishwasher but I do use a vegetable brush to keep the wires clean.