I got a good look at the gears on these two items, and figured it was time to actually clean them. The Swing Away wasn’t vintage when I bought it, but is is now, they still look the same. The Top Off Edlund Bottle and jar opener is a terrific little device.

I derusted and scrubbed the gears on both of them, and lubed them up a bit. ANY Kitchen Device with a gear sould be cleaned and lubricated on a regular basis. that part of the gizmo is rarely stainless steel all the way through.

The easiest way to do this sort of thing is using a nylon bristle brush, baking soda and mineral oil. That will pretty much clean it down to the metal and lubricate at the same time , although you do have to wash off the baking soda residue.

These older devices never seem to give up the ghost.

Power operable can opener


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